Friday, August 28, 2009

A Call From The Wild

These are days when I am overcome with a dwindling dilemma. “To do? or Not to do?” seems to be the Shakespearian question as usual. A call for a never present moral tribunal seems rudimentary for the moment as the lessons of time has taught me quite well as evident from my graying hair.

The need to be flexible is not a choice everyone wants to make as most often it is determined by others and how they need us. This sometimes gives us the imagery of a prostitute who has to hum and sing the demanded tunes when in the hands of lust. We are painfully sinful and sinfully painful at times when we trample upon life’s short autumn season where we see nothing beyond the drenched dryness and heaps of withering leaves. There is always a summer of hope after a winter of distress… even a winter of distress can be like a spring of joy if we are with the right people around us.

The right people! The right kind… The hardest to find! The devilish world has labeled certain kinds to be certain types and oh well! Oh bloody well! So very well have they labeled certain kinds that it is hard to undo what has been done not because of what, how and who people are but for the fact that people assume that is how they ought to be and make the devilishly well devilled people who labeled them seem like Gods and Godesses for having known them better and labeled them so.

Such arrogant brutality, the destruction of innocence for the manipulative minds that destroy the sweetness of living by making ignorance a dirty word in the lexicon and by deliberating us to part from it and save us from ridicule by imparting the knowledge we long for and relentlessly sacrifice our own being to hard core learning in subtle humiliation that creeps in while doing so.

Asking now my dear Lord to lead me not into temptation for I might actually start liking it. The hardest lessons are often said to be learnt through discipline… ‘discipline’ as the word itself seems to cry out loud is the art of refusing certain things that we naturally would get attracted to if otherwise we haven’t learnt that we shouldn’t be doing so. Duh!

Bottomline: “Who knows what goes behind those eyes?!”-From behind the camera

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