Friday, December 16, 2011

To err is human and to forgive I need wine...

"Its a vice to advice the wise... advice otherwise." A few days back my younger brother had the nerve to tell me something I did not want to hear. That being an uncalled for shot, a cheap one, one that I wasn't expecting, I tolerated. 'He is my brother, right?! (never too heavy to carry).

The confining space of the vehicle we were traveling in kept me from walking away... there was a sudden stillness inside the jeep as the road seemed to move beneath. Was irritated and not angered. For sure I know that 'a Man who angers you conquers you.'
So, as often as I do, I just wanted to know the root cause for this sudden rise of offense that seemed to have shattered the norms of brotherhood. It is always the best option to put an end to something that we don't like immediately, then and there, the very first time or bear with it and give an open permit for people to repeat the same thing at their will once again.

So sans saying a word I held a position of silence and pondered "why would he even think of taking me for granted?!". The truth, I know, often lies in the unspoken words than the ones spoken and I began reading between the lines. Could it be his insecurities? Could it be his doubts? Is he projecting his confusion? Or should it be a mean streak that he had began cultivating of late that needed some Big Brother intervention? Or is it something he was doing behind my back that makes him feel smarter just because he thinks that I don't know yet?! Well, it just required a little bit of left headed exercise to connect those logical matrices and the puzzle was solved. And me relieved.

Right now, I am just waiting for the right time, place and situation (those three vital elements) to break the revelation and as often as ever, the truth to be spoken as raw as it gets and calling the spade a spade and nothing else to put a brooding misery to rest for good. Rather than not give away my own insecurities and defend my ego I felt good that I was beginning to respond better than react with age. One more lesson for the road on the road. C'est la vie...

Bottomline: "The greatest bounties given to man are, judgment and will; happy is he who misapplieth them not." Akhenaton? (c. B.C. 1375) Egyptian King and Monotheist

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