Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 3 Idiots Met...

Yesterday, after a long time, I had good company. 3 of us got together for a petite bash. Old friends, since kindergarten; time has taken us to 3 different places over time. One lives in Baltimore, the other in Qatar and the good for nothing me in that one straight road. One recently (a week ago) got married and is already fed up. The other, the America-returned intends to yet the girls think he is too dark and he finds it amusing that girls from Las Vegas embrace him with more love than these prejudiced, diced up creatures here. How amusing!

We rather had a variety of topics to talk about... more on how lonely it gets in any land outside your very nest, the money made, the money lost, the time we were having that we seemed to be missing the most, made elaborate plans for the following day which soon was to be broken...

However... we treasured the time together and that is what meant most. Away from family, away from the stupid work place where they squeeze the last drop of milk from everyone's tits till the udder bleeds, away from the nagging wife, away for a while... after all heaven drops and hell calls. The funniest moment was when after all the fillings we had, from one of the "starred" hotels, one of the guys looks at us and goes, "Can I ask for one thing please?" and we go, "Yeah sure, ask and it shall be granted!" and he goes, "I want idli and dosa please..." hahaha! it was almost 12 at night, Cindrella's hour... and a promise is a promise. So there we drove to the bus stand and had idlis and dosas to our hearts fill under the stars... probably a multi starred hotel for the moment. Another unplanned plan and yet another moment to cherish.

Like one of the fellas' mother once said to me, "Earlier we had nothing and today my kids have brought home everything; today I have every'thing' except for the kids around me." God knows when we shall meet again or if we ever will, however, after a long long time had some good time for good.

Bottomline: "Long before history began we Men have got together apart from the women and done things. We had time." C. S. Lewis

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