Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Significant Stop!

The open confession to begin with, I do not appreciate pro-government nor pro-military notes and do not render my support in any form to these congested, worm-infested, greed-creeped, manipulative divine hole of son's and daughters (now they have 33% reservation too) of the 'feminine form of the loyal creature'. Journalists and media seem to be so anti-people too these days yet somehow, somebody, somewhere manages to break these miserable assumptions trying to blanket-cover people into rendering them into misinterpretations and lobbying misguided point of views; thus sabotage brain cells of the common mass they care the least about. Often I wonder why pro-people, pro-environment friendly, pro-cultural and traditional safeguards of the society get sidelined and victimized as terrorists. Constitution was the biggest enemy to these souls who were free to live life their way till then. With the right to vote granted, lost was their right to self-respect, dignity and right to live above all. This comes with the tribals, often referred to as the 'uncivilized mass' who need to be "civilized" and make them come into the 'main stream' of "development" in whatever definition we choose to give these terms.

People are lost and people are trained to kill.... in the military and by the people. Now who is the victim?! Think about it... both are! Then the benefactor?! Uncle West and the government babus who run to fetch the morsels strewn at them for being the pimp in between to help them clear jungle territory, flora and fauna dear to those who live and those who live in there and every one who comes in between... all for making way for mines which by the by gets labelled as 'civilization measures'... actually thinking about it, they actually erect hospitals (specialized) as part of their "Corporate Social Responsibility" activity which by the by would not be required if their malicious projects were not sanctioned in the first place and our people safeguarded instead of providing hospitality to alien uncles and aunties... we were always a rich man's slave and slave to anything with a white skin... weren't we?! The reminiscence of licker's of the white man's thrash. The Media, Journalists and Social Workers often becoming a part of the pseudo-welfare measures... after all we are fools too.

Why do we kill our own to feed a breed that does not bother? Why are we a breed that don't bother? Why do we we even breed?

Dog eat dog world this. Heads want to demoralize, demotivate and snub the growth of the so called "team members". From where do they come? Why come at all? How long will people survive on these pseudo-pretentious faking?! If I were to belive that truth alone triumphs, then why bother about these lying, scandalous games people play? "Why bother" more effectively applies here I suppose. Respect is something that exists only till a point I decide to give. After that... who the fcuk cares dear?!

Bottomline: When the lofty boss walks, the humble pagan knows very well and 'that' he knows way too well how to humbly bow and silently fart

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