Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A mail to say its o.k...

Dear Commissioner,

Hope that this mail of mine finds you well. Was caught in a turmoil of conclaves, colloquiums and conferences where i had to render the key-note address from the Development Sector; hence the delay in responding.

Hope you are aware of the 'stun in awe' syndrome that affects people when they come across something as beautiful as what you had sent. w.r.t the opinion poll factor, legend goes that it is very difficult for mediocre files to pass the Commissioner's table... been there to vouch for it too. To prove the legend yet again, this ppt. that has come just off your table, is an ensemble of fine theoritical aspects that cry for the utopian (as if that is too much to ask for) that leans to strike a chord at the apathetic and ignorant crowd.

Sometimes, we wonder in distress if the noise of the silent cry of the victimized and vulnerable is too hard for people to hear... is it so feeble that the doors at which empathy is begged for seldom opens and permanently remains shut?! A paradox where the struggle to connect to the heart has to surpass the mind's acceptance. The appeal is often made to the mind to reach the heart. A far more unreachable connect is the attempt to connect to the soul which we govern not speak any more. Its a lost world! And proudly lost too. Its people like you, the phoenix type, who destroy yourself to ressurect the dead (irony that the imp speaks of these during Easter).

The attempts that I made ever since I saw the slides open was to bring in more crowd to peep into my laptop... however, some lost interest in between the slides and some just stayed for my sake (just that they did not want to offend me by moving away unlike their less faking counterparts) yet some stayed glued, stuck to every word, image and numbers that flowed... these are my fellow "Develop'mental' workers and the amateur crowd". Nevertheless, rather than worry why it did not bother people, the shift was towards what bothered some. Learnt that the faint sign of hope in the utopian still remains in a few who stayed and wanted to work together than criticize, complain and crib. 'If change is expected, be the change' being the mantra. Deep inside, the devil's advocate professes that to help the children on the street care be taken that in a lusty haste don't forego your very own needs and cummulate with them in their own grounds on the streets. Some hands are helplessly bound in a trail of survival; the luxury to do what the heart wants to still being a lust perceived like a mirage in a distance.

A slide towards the end screamed for a change in the system and the "system" that needed a change can be interpreted in too many different ways for which I had to rely upon my friend Lenin (the Revolutionist) for support... 'Begin from the beginning' He said and so rightly said. So thus followed a lecture for the wilfully staggering crowd on primitive Communism where boundaries were erazed and it support rendered not to one's ability yet to one's need. Hope this band wagon that is slowly yet steadily rising string itself well and overcome the issues a.s.a.p... we shall overcome someday!

Will be in touch,


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