Friday, July 20, 2012

And There She Lay

The sensuous one searches the core
for that love still untold.
Search she does underneath bridges
and between the ridges.
Overflowing, melting, sans holds
steps she takes quite bold.
Exploring within, stretching beyond pleasure and pain
heart drenched in tear and rain.
Drop by drop as the drops melt 
warmth from her sure is felt.
Rising above all with hope and despair
the search for remorseless love seems fair.

Tussled hair and classy flair
nothing more she has to bare.
Cries and moans ring the air
tossed and turned with lustful tear.
Beauty and the beast all within
for once together writhing.
Finale sure does she reach
with all boundaries breached.
 Still breathing in silky moist
no language can tell this twist.
An experience her very own
in complete surrender she had thrown.

Everything is for her to keep
pain and pleasure for her to reap.
With nothing to lose and nothing to gain
lay she drenched in rain.
Uncontained, unchained and unnamed
there lay bliss untamed.
Shivering, shuddering, spontaneous
everything felt percutaneous.
Squirming as she tries to hold back everything held within
she gave herself for this win.

(inspired by a poetry I read today, I wrote thus...)

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