Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yet It Moves

Is being still and still being calm the same as doing nothing? "No" they say. And I agree. Stillness and calmness gives clarity-clarity ensures certainty-certainty, being something everyone wants, at times, needs. 
Yet, time tests our patience. Patience gives us experience. Experience gives us hope. And 'hope' becomes the base for the rest. 
Though at times, like now, I bow low to pray to the one above to conclude. Sometimes one can't help from asking, "Dear one above, is there an end to this thing?!" 
Helplessly still and calm, patience tested to the core, with hopeless hope climbing the rungs of faith, moving strong, standing outside the inner circle, wanting to be included in, un-understood by the rest, under suspicious stares from comfortable stairs, laughed, whispered and mocked at, like a beggar I stand, thus a beggar made. Walked straight, never bent. Today, I crawl, squirming like a worm, spines removed-one after the other, like the victims I plead for, victim I am made-to experience the taste of irony... hypocrisy galore!
This is something I have brought upon myself... hence sans complaining I trudge forward praying for a miracle... just one more. Yet, it moves.


Subhorup Dasgupta said...

not only are our circumstances of our own choosing, but they are precisely those that are most essential to us at that point in time. your writing contains the crux of the questions that buddhist teachings try to address. i wish you peace and happiness.

VST said...

@Subhorup: There once was a king who tried to share his problem with this Buddhist monk. After sharing, the monk insisted that the king should not be upset and any problem is solvable if one denies it of its hugeness. The king locked the monk in a huge arena and set lose a huge mad elephant and asked the screaming monk to follow his own preaching.
Sometimes, nothing is relevant. (no offence)