Friday, January 25, 2013

My Misadventure With Truth

Today my country celebrates its Republic Day, the day it brought forth one of the longest constitution drafted within three years since its independance into effect in one of the world's largest democracy. My friends, those poor natives a.k.a "our grave internal threats" who are getting killed for trying to preserve their land, territory and resources would regard this day as the day a plan was laid to curtail their freedom-in pretext of providing welfare through compulsive reforms, the day when their pride and age-old tradition, culture and wisdom were snatched, hatched, boxed and despatched to fit into blueprints drawn to make them nothing more than exhibits in our historical archives. They have not succeeded still (thank goodness!) yet they haven't tried to stop trying too. Duh!
Have some of the neo-modern slaves gained freedom by gaining their monetary benfits by selling their dignity, time, families and self? Have corporate slaves who work for their needs within those COBs in well strategized segregations (usually based on race) that the segregator (usually the one who is trusted with running the organization) feels others are too stupid to notice-really not notice? Has slavery really ended when our fundamental rights are snatched in the name of some new-found policies that we are made to follow "obligatorily"? If not, your slavehood is lost.
Today, if you raise your voice against these practises, those 'holier than thou art' humans who indulge in it, would call you "violent," "need tuning" and sit you quietly to "observe" what they do which they think is the best. This is neither the best nor is it sustainable as there is fault in their thought; the thought that they think that there is nothing beyond their race or their learning that they can see in others. This limitation is their downfall. And this downfall inevitable if this scenario persists. Till then what is the point in a constitution, policies, rights, freedom and liberty? Just a mockery of international injustice and missions right at your face... hahaha! Atleast I can laugh thinking of those who think that I was born yesterday or can I?   

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