Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On Goodness and All That Crap

It is human nature to share and promote something that one uses and is thought to be unique and it seems like sharing something found enjoyable (in one’s own terms) is just an obvious, effortless thing to do anyway; yet these things we promptly share are things that are not yet in the open or in vogue and that we are unsure of ourselves yet enjoy using it nevertheless… something as simple as the tail end of a roasted pig or the head of a poached chicken or the midriff of a toasted beef.
So, what is it we are really trying to achieve here through this marvelous act of sharing?! In a relentless attempt are we trying to gain acceptance in a pursuit to enable us to use these things we do in secret, publicly, or measure rejection to find smarter ways to use it in secret without getting caught in public (?)
Otherwise selfish, sinister and still justified human creatures that we are, from wither, out of nowhere and all of a sudden, do we become these Godly, holy and selfless creatures (?!) that even God might have to pinch himself to believe that he was not dreaming as we make this earnest attempt to entice, tempt and solicit people by sharing our intimate possessions with strangers and acquaintances with such good nature to a point that not just God or the devil himself, yet, one can convincingly and comfortably fool himself into believing that it was indeed such a natural and selfless act of random kindness... an epitome of true human nature of gregariousness and generosity. Yet, deep inside, true to ourselves, we know that it is a lie, a big fat lie.
Man as he shares, secretly searches for those who relish and share interests and tastes similar and in line with his own and wants to bring in more of his kind together into a cult like group or a group like cult to claim a majority acceptance (in his own terms) of his or rather now ‘their’ eccentricity and idiosyncrasies that otherwise might be condemned, correlated and equated to madness. It is the same principle that applies to the sharing of things as much as the sharing of what man thinks. So much so for eccentricity in what he eats as much for (the religion) that he professes and preaches and the connected rituals that he eventually teaches…

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