Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Coiling Female Sexuality

Today I read a passage from a book on female sexuality and it was quite interesting. A woman has written about trans-sexual energy and the coitus that follows... the path she has to take and the past she has to let go before experiencing the shiverring, spine chilling experience of an orgasm so very inhuman. There is the mentioning of a energy wave that flows and fills the room, noticable by everyone and predictably to everyone's envy. The experience she claims, is very trans sexual and extremely spiritual making 'SEX' a Sacred-EXpression of love. It struck a chord in me as I am someone who believes in the energy as well.

After the spiritual experience where the woMan feels like a goddess before, during and after making love, she tries to have sex as mortals do and finds the experience unworthy-both for her partner as well as herself. Struck a chord again. However, what is this energy that overwhelms some, unknown to plenty? Is it an experience describable? or should it be left in the realms of 'thathuvumasi'?

Its a spiritual search to connect I believe. The trinity that connects... truth, love and simplicity. The mutual bond that is created, realized and celebrated. The energy that moves with every wave of the body, the body itself moving and arching like a snake-a snake in perfect motion, coiling with a flow, a humble submission than a learnt feeling of frantic humiliation. The offering of complete vulnerability. The beauty of surrendering the soul with no barriers or shame. The emergence of a rekindled soul, glowing with an experience of an enlightened height of ecstacy and euphoria.

The wild passion mixed with the comfort of space and time. The truth that everyone begs to find and the love that most would live or die for, in the simple embrace of the lover. She becomes her and she becomes him.

Bottomline: Very few are rendered to see the collision of the moon and the sun

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