Thursday, December 31, 2009

Change The Calendar

Resolutions have always been a part of the traditional way to begin a new year. So many resolutions and so many regrets at the end of the year for broken promises... just like the guilt trips we take in life itself. Promises! like marriage itself is and experience... some manage to keep and for others it is only an experience... slightly empty.

However, there is one resolution that I take year after year after year and that is to not change one bit. Too complacent I suppose. If thats the way to be that way be it. Period!

Yesterday I just sent across one paper presented in Gujarat for publishing after it got selected for the same and I was happy that a paper got presented and later published at the international circuit... however, then pops 3 reminders for 3 more papers to be done. Arun needs his modules and she needs her research outline... all these elementary yet when you are obsessed with perfection every little thing takes time. Its like eating out at a fast food and choosing fine dining... the difference being 'class'.

o.k now I have to go to the beach house... supposed to be a family get together at the beach. Maybe I can get my workout there... oh! was that a secret resolution?!

Bottomline: Every new year one celebrates, be it a birthday or the change of a calendar, is just a reminder that one is moving a step closer to the grave.

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