Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Turmoil of Truth

Education hardly solves any issue... infact it only doubles it. Often we learn that somethings are supposed to work in a particular way and if doesn't, there is another theory to explain why it didn't. Unlearning is mastery of a paradox; an unlimited scope to revisit and reflect upon experience.

The strangest myths are often unpredictably broken by silence when an erupting soul refuses to accept lies that hovers over the surface refusing to let it emerge. The mythically plundering soul however, rests sleeplessly between the unknown faith lying helplessly, brooding over an illusion of clouded reality and truth-which is always lies told the way you wish others to know... from all these emerges the thought of breaking free. Breaking free for once. Breaking free from fake unrealities and misguiding principles that entwine over morale and values conveniently twisted. Breaking free for once before we die.

What is the truth we hold? What are the lies we dispell? What is the genuiness of the justice mystified? What is the need for all the pomp and luxury?

This is when class steps in to show that most of the complications can be done away with if and only if the desire to manifest the self surrounded with objects unknown to show the difference can be negated by adopting to nothingness and live sans difficulty, with ease as if nothing is required... nothingness completes and that is the beginning and so is the end. The turmoil of loss is managed more by class than by experience.

Bottomline: “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”-Buddha

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