Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Tomorrow I am going about doing what I promised myself I would never do... one more thing, one more time and one more broken promise to myself. Why is it that I do not respect the promises I make to myself as much as I respect the promises I make others?! Duh! O.K... I am doing the road trip again... the trip that brought forth the deadliest hours of loneliness in the 24hr straight drive last time I drove from k.k to this magnificiently transcluent, carbon- free, pests-infested abode of mine.

This time it bothers me as I am going to my place for a long time. Almost 20 days to be precise and it fucking bothers me. Can't be in that place for more than 3 days and will I survive the thresh?! Already I have plans to be everywhere and attempt thus to be nowhere and I am all messed up and just want to ride all this distance... actually I am getting the road maps. It took me 24hours last time and this time I want to make it in 14. Its a mental challenge yet want to try.

The roads are long and it will be dark when I would be even half way through and honestly... I do not know the route and at night who the fuck is going to be up to show me directions?! yet it move... will move. Arun's Vantage is to be inauguarated and he wants me there... just got the invitation. Didn't like the logo that much as its got a nike symbol in the 't' and it made me feel a little villagish... however, nike is a Greek God for victory and I digested the disbelief thus.

It was nice of him to call his Grandmother to light the lamp and he has some how managed to get all the big shots in. Pretty good! However, I miss Marcus and I want to spend some time with him. There are people I want to meet... only for a while and many I don't want to come across. God give me the strength to bear them or legalize killing...

Bottomline: Wish someone was besides...

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