Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Knowledge Reapers

People have different ways of interpreting 'goodness'. In the small community I live in, if one is a teetotaller, then goodness is crowned upon him... all this need for goodness comes into foreplay when finding the ideal match. Yet, I have seen superbly nurtured teetotallers who abuse the woMan they are with and smoking drinkers who are wonderfully good to their partner. Now whats goodness?!

Yesterday I told Arun that goodness is all about how you take care with genuine consideration sans any ulterior motive the person next to you... be it your partner or your friend or our neighbour or simply anyone next to us. Nish Kama Karma. Immediately he connected it to the movie '300' where the Spartans are adviced to fight for the one besides... to help him with further connections, I told him that in warfare, the military secret is to protect the comrade besides.

Information, knowledge and news we gather to curb ignorance, losing innocence, that which we rapidly search for at the end of the tunnel... Duh! However, History has taught us one thing and it sure has that we create more of what we consider is good for us and the excess of this produce is what will kill us at the end... applies to the hunger for knowledge as well. Probably thats why the knowledge gatherers resort to wisdom by opting to cut the noises and voices that clouds the brain and resort to silence as seen in the lives of many for whom climbing into the caves in the Himalayas becomes more important than frantically stepping on the corporate ladder or leading a kingdom... rendering to thoughtless thoughts.
It is often the lonely mind that tries to preoccupy itself with information, knowledge and opinion dumping; lest it suffer the burden of loneliness... often relaxing in books and more often surrendering to relationships to find solace in bodily comfort for diversion.

At the end of the day what do we carry? Nothing! Nothing at all... we leave a lot behind though. The more one gathers, the more he leaves behind. Simple, isn't it? Ces't la vie.

Bottomline: Yet it moves...

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