Monday, April 9, 2012

Stay Off This Post

I have a confession to make. Looking at people in this blog-world, waiting for others to read their stories, people who so surrealistically provide a virtual shoulder to lean on through their comments (esp. when it is a woman), many who think that they are liberated by speaking words which they otherwise would dare not utter and others who would think vice versa, I always wonder why do people call for so much attention upon themselves? why so much attention-seeking? why so much of discontent about themselves?!
People who hint about feminism and other right-based issues, often the unaffected who pledge virtual support, people who write about nothing and go around sending 'likes', promoting others 'blog post' and even giving their diplomatically useless 'comments' in hope that their deed would be reciprocated, people who simply have nothing better to do to bring home the moolah... these are the kinds I have been seeing mostly around here (the jobless kind).
Of late, I had things to worry about. So much that I worried about where to begin. Probably I must make a priority list of things to worry about. Should I begin with my younger sibling who is going through the frustration of a divorce, or should I worry about my old-classmate who is going through the pain of seeing his daughter, barely 5-years-old, fighting cancer or should I start with my friend who just days after knowing that his wife is pregnant is in agony losing his job and with an almost empty pocket? Frustration, Pain and Agony... this list is just the tip of the iceberg of people in real life around me here who need my real shoulder and I sit here wondering over the crap "some" people often blog about and expect that "some" other to give them the support they feel they so strongly deserve. Those virtual fools!
"My cookies did not come out well (sob, sob, sob)", writes one, "Indian people are such an ugly race... and it just gets worse as you travel southwards (hahaha)", writes another, "Watched a movie yesterday... dumb! can't people make any good movies just like those old days? (my pop corn on slime tasted better)" writes yet another. And I read these like an idiot (yet another). Just look at our blog-posts in the mirror for sometime and it will tell us how pathetic we are. What a sad reflection of being wanted, being loved, such attention-seeking lost lousy souls we are! We have it all and hardly realize how lucky we are yet we complain and once we get what we want, we find another reason to complain about something that we want right now... Losers (with a capital 'L'). When the real world needs us, here we are, hiding from our duties and responsibilities, in this virtual world, connecting to people we do not know-disconnecting from everyone we do... piling reasons, lies and excuses to disappear all the while... I thought.
Then I saw people connecting in these networks, sharing their pain and suffering, agony and anxieties, frustrations and passive anger; those who have no one else to share them with, no where to go and no where to run. Those who see this outlet of thoughts as a light shining in the far-end of the tunnel, probably the only light they get to see; all that they want and all that they ask for is to escape the real world for a while... those who beg for a moment, a moment atleast, of calm and peace and I feel 'let the light shine' let the day dawn for those who find life too dark in the dusk of their life, let them who want to sublimate, exercise their right to do so and those who give them the support in whatever capacity they can, do find strength to provide through this catharsis.
In the meantime, there is someone who has written about a cupcake she has made which has not come out well and this lad who wants to show the world how patriotic he is by cheapening the other countries around us and this other gal who just joined who has written a "great post" and wants us to believe how innocent, religious and virginic she is-those three that promise us of a trust-worthy commodity (I wonder how well behaved we all pretend to be around here... like we do when we know that our parents are trying to get us into an arranged-marriage. Duh!) and I got to read them all... after all I have all the day to waste so might as well "read, promote, comment"...


umashankar said...

Gentleman, life is just another name of diversity. You will find everything here: Happiness, fortitude, tragedy and triviality. What I mean to say, the plague is not limited to the blogsphere. Its expanse is complete.

That said, there is definitely something not right with the state of affairs in the blogsphere. Of course, you know what I mean.

VST said...

@umashankar: yes the tryst between the real and virtual world is ofcourse blurring. Many times when you leave something unsaid, it can lead me to think of many things that can be said and very often to probably many things you probably would never say at all... hahaha!