Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Big City Moves

Sometimes I wonder how the big city manages to accommodate everyone who walk into it in search of the "promised land" and all its promises. This is a picture I clicked in Bangalore, where I am currently hanging out in the verge of completing the books that I had started. Every pitstop I make around here, I find a story that I can run for a few pages... mostly about agony, anxiety and above all, abandonment. I believe those are the curses that comes along with the other blessings of living in a city. Everyone checks for anyone's vulnerability and want to optimize on it. Be it an interview where they think that the people who have applied for a particular position can be asked anything just because they are assumed to be desperate for the position or be it an employee who is asked to let go his dignity and bend his back just because his boss thinks he is not worthy of anything humane or be it a compromised pay scale that he is called to work for just because someone in the management wants to show his higher authorities how good he is in bargaining... there is so much of hidden truth behind those whole lies. We do not need a foreigner to trip us any more; tripping is one thing we can do to our own fellow-beings, our countrymen, the one's we claim to be our own especially-remember our national game of Kabbadi-of who is the best at pulling each other's legs?! Despite all these games of survival, life moves on and like the traffic that shuffles like a deck of cards in the traffic signal. We stop, we get set and we go sans time to think... life is but a dream.   


Bhavana said...

wasn't it always? We think of the past as some glorious moment? But is it so? Isn't everything a product of our own mind, our own needs of survival--survival in the psychic sense? If so, so what a big city, so what a town, or a village or 100 years back?

VST said...

@Bhavana: I think I will agree with you Bhavana about dwelling in the glorious past. Happiness is that isn't it?! Not what you experience, never the now yet something we remember later and hence always the past. Anything is made out of something; to make something out of nothing, we have to be Gods; hence, the "product" that you refer being made by our mind is a byproduct of several factors including the environment which supports its making... so, then matters if it is a big city, a town or a village or a 100 years back... don't you think?!