Monday, June 11, 2012

Plastic Man


As the rest of the world was busy protecting the environment, criticizing the few they condemn as people without any concern for it while sitting in their air-conditioned/climate-controlled chambers blowing out their share of carbon emissions, this man in the picture clicked recently in the "Garden city" of Bangalore was found selling plastic bags during high noon. Interestingly stacking those plastic bags, he looks for customers-unbothered of the environmental implications. Afterall, he must be wondering... first they said, "save Earth, do not cut trees" and thus began the campaign to say "NO! to paper; use plastic instead" and we did so. Then came they with sudden enlightenment and said, "well, you see, err... plastic kills, say "NO! to plastic, use (bio-degradable) paper instead" and we agreed too. Now, when will they reach a conclusion or atleast us?! 
In the mean time lets leave this poor man alone who tries to scrape past all this, unscathed, as he tries to sell as much as he can in the scorching sun to get something to quench his thirst and maybe if luckier add a few morsels to it, have it and curse the good one above for this life on Earth, sleep and wake up for another day to kill the Earth just as much as the Earth awaits to kill him too-just another day.

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