Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toys Toys Toys

This is a picture of a one of my son's toys that I clicked lying in his play pen-a military jeep miniature with accessories and even bullet holes on the sides... (wish he doesn't see these and gets to see only the open top and four wheels.) These days its really hard to find toys without hints of violence; its as if children need an every day dose of violence in some form or the other and the world is out there to commercialize on this strange emerging factor-the need for violence. The other day I decided that I am never ever, ever never going to get toys resembling guns for my son... instead I should probably teach him to fire a real gun asap. Shooting a real gun develops a skill whereas playing with a toy gun, innocently pointing and shooting at every passerby and expecting them to pretend to get hurt and die, develops an attitude... an attitude I wish never seeps into him. Developing a skill is my duty and snapping a not-so-positive attitude, my responsibility and I really don't want to pamper him too much, over protect him and prevent his ability to survive eventually like many family-dominating women have, effiminating children and molding them into sissy-boys for the world to mock. Period. 

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