Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Isolation Chamber

The history behind this actuating, rusting, rotten metal sheath is that this is through which you would have been fed just enough to keep you alive if you were a brown Man caught fighting for freedom. It was hard not to feel the pain while there thinking that when thrown into one such cell, the movement of this solid iron piece was the only thing one could see or hear besides one's very own movement (if any) as the rest of the people roamed outside, shamelessly unmindful of their slave-like condition, living a life as ever-obedient slaves to their masters and traitors to their very own. 

Looking from where I stand today, I realize that this dreamy freedom that some of our so called "brown dogs" got us in exchange for their lives they gave up with a smile when the last tight noose smeared with shrapnel tightened around their hearts, they perhaps hoped that we and the generations to follow, might be able to experience the joy of such a freedom they could only dream of then.

If we peruse on those lines, that dream of theirs was better than the reality today. The aliens who were here to mine our wealth in the name of a company, are back and this time, from several quarters and cleverly disguised, to mine our poverty in the name of corporate, multinational companies and other foreign and international organizations and institutions to capitalize and optimize on our vulnerability-the basis on which MoUs and contracts are signed. These are neo-capitalists, who see us nothing more than a Return on Investment (RoI) and our lives, our communities and the problems we deal with as their Unique Selling Point (USP) to reap, pack and sell outside our borders to nurture profits and dividends back in their homes out of which a portion found fitting for us to keep us alive is thrown at us for which we are busy fighting among ourselves to take a grab of the morsel. Oh! didn't they know well and perhaps too well that when divided, they rule?!...

We are being silently and systematically plundered, ruined and tagged and we are carrying these imprints yet it is not such a rarity that these isolation chambers are what many walk into these days willfully and voluntarily giving up pride, respect and dignity which some of our earlier brown dogs refused to exchange for the rationed morsels of life thrown at them. Slaves, traitors and betrayers still live on and long amongst us. Yet it moves...

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