Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Pervert Family

Few months back, an old couple visited my parent's home while I was there. What I witnessed was a sorry state of affairs of the elderly people trying to ruin an young couple's life.

With my limited knowledge of the psyche, I knew the very first time I met these people at their place that they were absolutely a misfit for any family to associate with; many didn't; one thing in particular that disgusted me, was the fact that they stuck like living parasites, like leeches they sucked money that they neither toiled for nor deserved from others in the name of customs and traditions; worse still, they neither had insight into the immorality of their action nor realized the perversion in their attitude. With insight and judgement lacking I looked in amazement at the victims of their action and wondered if they were dumb enough not to realize the speed at which they were pacing towards their own pitfall by wanting to string any attachment to them (?!)

The last time I met these imbeciles-retarded far behind their age-at my parent's, their behaviour had gotten only worser. They had gotten older and bolder with remorse and chronic dissatisfaction over everyone else's life they didn't own to compensate for the discontent and worthlessness of their own. They shamelessly placed orders for more plunder and more unjustifiable demands shaking their fingers like a shivering coward's. With my limited absorption into spirituality, I decided to speak finally after a prolonged period of customized silence and realized that i had nothing to speak yet let them know that I felt they would cry very soon. And today, they cry... "What goes around, comes around" thus saith my Grandfather and it did ;) 

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