Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Other Paradox of our Time

The scenario throughout history remains a constant... as fashion and poverty remain in tatters, the rich, by virtue of their status, deem it their right to remain uncovered as the poor are doomed of their right to cover... and both remain exposed.

Reduced by poverty, one struggles to cover her naked body with all that she has as the other struggles to uncover herself with the little she has as she rise to riches. Man gapes in awe at both the cases; at one with a gust of pity and at the other with a gust of lust, captures both in the frames of his lenses, ships it across the coast and rakes money in the name of sympathy and glamour. An opportunist in both.

Man, oh Man, how have thee devolved so completely into those thin lines of desolate insanity (?!) and with so much ease. So long as life remains there shall ever be the hungry predator and the obliging prey as it seems...   

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