Monday, November 2, 2015

In The Context Of Time

Strange period of time we live in these days
When everything is confusingly reversed...
When certain people in India who once had all the access to education and power, today, watch everyone they denied education to having absolute access to the same in the name of the very same banner of "reservation" under which it was earlier claimed.

Absolutely surprized am I
When the one who was enslaved rules and vice versa...
When the President of the US of A is black and the rapper who sings about his misery turns out to be a white guy called Eminem.

How more crazy can it get when you realize that
Everyone has been fooled by our "Welfare States"...
That apart from casting one's vote, there is no freedom or welfare that the politicians have managed to shell out for us that every vote supposedly promised us.
When you realize that education and health have become business of the richy' rich private parties as the government-our government-for the people, by the people and of the people-considers its business taking over and running Toddy and Liquor booths(?!)
For the best interest and "Welfare" of its citizens I suppose.
Meanwhile, there is collective response to promote secularism in school during children's formation on one hand by banning spiritual books and on the other, asking for spiritual books to be brought back into prisons, asylums and sanitariums to reform the wayward (?!)
It is equally interesting to witness the Good Books that were supposed to bring peace and love bring more of war and hate; perhaps it just reflects the rationale behind the fact that humans find it easier to kill a human life in the pretext of protecting an animal's... 'all for the glory of God' I must believe.

Interesting world am I in...
Where in the name of providing security, people agree to lose their privacy,
Women are offered protection from existing violence around as they immediately get criticized for the dress they wear that men and certain women choose to believe is the reason for all their misfortune and shell out rules on how to behave, dress and who to talk with. In the mean time Moms seem to find no fault in their 'laadla' sons anyway.  
Corporate houses run high, reaping profits, selling products that make no sense and people who feel an absolute need for anything and everything sold, proceed to amass the same with borrowed wealth to procuring things they don't need and enter a life of eternal debt.

Marveled am I to watch...
Citizens lose their civil rights in the name of having the same protected and freedoms being curtailed in the name of the same being promoted. And the minority few who show dissent against the policies of the government and question the same in absolute love for his/her country being targeted, dispelled and labelled "A GRAVE Internal Threat" as the majority-rest taking the cue, settle to rest with freebies thrown at them for the grabs and stay deaf, blind and mute to the nude king/queen's dance. 
Governments have become a burden than be of any use to the people and "Politics" as the name confirms, has become the thriving ground for "Poly" as in 'Many' and "Tics" as in 'Blood Sucking Insects".

Long live my country! Long live Democracy (whatever it means)! and Long live the rulers and the ruled!
(Well, some day you might all know that what once went up, sure came down too... Booh!) 

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