Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Letter To You Know Who

Ego is too light a word to determine why some marriages fail; blame-games and usage of indecent thoughts and words are just symptoms beyond wrapping it as immaturity; hate and evil thoughts directed at someone by somebody are inbuilt ideas existing at the source from which it perpetrates. 

Watching some marriages fail, it just reinstates the common view of failure that most of us have in our mind; a thought that everything and everyone can be taken for granted and a time one gets to relax assuming that everything will be taken care of by someone else... even certain responsibilities that come with it. The perfect formula for failure no corporate rat or dummy's guide will teach you is something you make on your own incorporating ideas of everyone else other than you. It is this lax and assumptions that the society and its institutions builds within us that destroys us when we try to follow through with actions what these age-old depleted ideas impose upon us.

Morons do try to still stick to their ideas-imposed and transcribed by their mummies and daddies-sans realizing the response that awaits them. Newton did forewarn that every action has its equal and opposite reaction. At times, 'silence' very often as thought, does not mean that someone or a family is sitting listening up all nonsense and digesting in patience; it perhaps means they are recoiling, organizing and powering up the attack silently. 

All it takes is to simplify oneself devoid of grandiosity, mind one's language-perhaps even control and reduce it, take control of 'your own family'-perhaps realizing what 'your family' means in the first place and minding your own business instead of letting your wife live a life of a destitute and your child having a fatherless childhood as you pretend to wallop in your misery of force-fed ideas from your parents (from whose clutches you seem never to have grown.) Shameless fool!

All it takes for me right now is to sit back, relax and watch the rope that seemingly restrains you at the moment to get cut, the ties to get loosened and the bonds to get broken; and I for sure will hear a cry-not from your foolish fall or her's or your's together-yet from the drop of a child who trusted you and her and was holding on to the rope of hope that you both were so stubbornly and adamantly pulling from the sides squeezing and throttling the child's neck from both the sides. All it takes is nothing... for me to just sit back, watch and hear the rope crack.  

All it takes for you at the same time, is to use the rope, the bonds that tie and use it to bridge the gap and wrap your family together. All it takes is that and as simple as that. 

For now, let me tell you (you know who,) for the snake you know that I am for which I have often heard your compliments, that snake does not lie and no one better than he knows that there is a consequence to every sequence and the snake is silently and simply recoiling, waiting until you get near and to see you upclose. And with that dear, ends my final warning... 

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