Monday, November 9, 2015

Left or Right BAN Seems Alright

Just have this thing to ask:

If Kovan alias Sivadas may be arrested on charges of sedition for asking to BAN tasmac, why aren't a few others who are asking for BANNING a few other things be arrested on the same charge as well?! 

Didn't I hear someone say earlier that everyone is equal before the law?! If "they" can be free, then free Kovan too... If not, why not let the birds of the same feather, flock together in whites and stripes?!

One more doubt though... seems like the crowd of the mediocre, voting Indian citizen offended by what a bunch of religious fanatics belonging to a few conservative parties want to be BANNED; yet, the same crowd seem to find it acceptable when Kovan asks for the BAN of liquor under the banner of a so called 'liberal', thinking, leftist-Communist party. 
Are you fellows joking?! Left or Right, ABCD or Communist, seems like the choice every citizen has is the choice to decide whether to die at the jaws of the tiger or the bear's bloody paws; either way, weather forecasts seem to predict that "we are screwed!"...   

Moral of the story: Kovan or Poovan, Kuppan or Chuppan, everyone wants a ban... 'BAN' seems to be the only thing soon to be left sans a BAN. Ban India Ban...

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