Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Whats In An Identity

Today's Hindustan Times reads, "An Italy senator said on Tuesday Massimiliano Latorre, one of the two Italian marines accused of killing two Kerala fishermen in 2012, will not return to India after being allowed to go home temporarily for medical treatment. Latorre’s deadline to return to India expires on Friday." ( Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india/italy-says-marine-charged-with-killing-fishermen-won-t-return-to-india/story-H4twrRJVp17ZadVRgBVxbL.html ) as on 13th Jan, 2016, 0915hrs. 

Arundhati Roy=Indian Writer, 
Vidya Balan=Indian Actress, 
KR Narayanan=Indian President, 
KJ Yesudhas=Indian Singer, 
PT Usha=Indian Athlete, 
KG Balakrishnan=Indian Chief Justice, 
M Fathima Beevi=First Woman Indian Chief Justice, 
Aryabhatta=Indian Astronomer, 
Adi Sankara= Indian Social Reformer, 
Kamala Das=Indian Poet/Novelist, 
Shobana= Indian Dancer/Actress, 
John Abraham= Indian Actor, 
Raja Ravi Varma= Indian King/Painter, 
Shiny Wilson=Indian Runner, 
VP Sathyan=Indian Football Team Captain... 

Interestingly did you realize that all these great ones are also "Keralites"?! When it comes to violence against fishermen along the 'Indian' coastal line, in the South'Indian' states, how come we refer to them as "Kerala", "Tamil Nadu" fishermen and so on and try to make it a state-specific issue and move it away from being a national-level concern? 

Why is it that one gets garlanded with a national identity when successful while at the same time manages to get a state-segregated identity when one is a poor farmer or a fisherman subjected to systematic violence, oppression and injustice? Just ASKing... 

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