Friday, January 8, 2016

Hurt Yet Not Retired

Its interesting to see that very often we end up expecting others, maybe another individual or another institution or another organization or another association-to do what we can do ourselves. There is always the some 'other' who thinks the same way too. And at the end of the day noone does anything.

As soon as this petition was started, the 'Indian Frog' theory once again surfaced; there have been discussions about why this move was not initiated through some of the associations or through some of the so called 'established' bodies and I found blockades and subtle threats coming my way quoting some unknown reason to pull a leg rather than offer support or a gentle lift forward. For some reason, it was felt that rather than being a flimsy sleeping dog or a clumsy barking dog, a bite is required at times to establish one's presence and ascertain an identity. Perhaps just tired sleeping and barking like many, something that takes just two minutes to sign and show a presence that could deliberate action could be done through this collective initiative and hence this 'untitled' 'unnamed' 'common' petition which I think is the best way forward in this issue.

Yet, I wish there could be a better representation. Could we just make an attempt to promote this link? Not just in words or discussions or any other thing that diverts us from this cause yet to move others closer into signing this petition and reaching a dignified number (God knows how much!) and move this endeavour closer to success...

Kindly reach this link to others to get the support we require to get UPSC to include Social Work as an optional subject in the civil exams.

Click here to sign the petition demanding UPSC to include Social Work as an optional subject in the civil exams

Thank You. 

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