Tuesday, October 25, 2016

To Bike Or Not To Bike

Just got into a dilemma on personal choice.
During recent events in the domestic line, and after test riding a few bikes - something I did after a long time, a very long time of course - the best of all the bikes I rode, I enjoyed riding a 535cc stove-like thing which shares a part in the vintage period on its own. The Continental GT a.k.a Cafe Racer from Enfield is a sure good ride.
The issues however are a few; and as most issues go, they were seen more by others than by me.
Issue 1, was the riding position. You got to crouch. Many who do not pick the bike because of this unconventional riding position when compared to the regular and majestic Bullet (that my brother decided to pick for himself). Yet then, there is a difference between a legend and a racer. This is a Cafe Racer and you ride it the way it should be. The issue however that I faced during the few test rides was the way your palm slips off the handles when you cross the 100kmph line. Perhaps that is why you have riding gloves. Yet, it moves.

Issue 2, was what my daughter pointed out to. She said that with that 'red' seat-end at the back, I looked like a baboon on the lose while riding it. Issue mitigated if I chose a 'black' one and chose to look like a gorilla instead.

One of the worst bikes I ever rode - the enfield himalaya - over hyped, boring and devoid of any riding pleasure. Think my kids were right when they called it a "toy" and the people in the shop laughed and grinned in agreement.
Recently, a friend of mine said that he saw a girl ride it in the high range; perhaps that explains it all. And with that being said, I think I should be able to rest my case on this one.

Meanwhile, Mahindra comes out with this NEWS today: Mahindra reboots two-wheeler business, will revive vintage brands BSA, Jawa

And with that, what will I do?!
You got this JAWA - a bike immortalized by my Dad (on a personal front) - the key to the bike which he had that I still hold. A vintage by all means and still looks like a retro holy 'stove' just like the other, (don't know what is on with me and the stoves...) is still powerful with its 350cc engine just like an ordinary Bullet and above all, I wouldn't have to look like a baboon or gorilla by choice while riding it.

In the meantime, as I dread reaching the Hobson's choice and wanting to choose just one and be contend with it rather than have an affair with the other all the while. Decision-making has not been so difficult for a person with no wants for a long time. Well perhaps this is what life is all about... where one can play dice with the universe in the context of time. And what way better than to bargain with the past...  


Jean Walter said...

How did I miss this post of yours Ajith...am wondering. Beautifully written and the Guerilla ride tickled me. Your daughter seems to present facts AS IS without restraint just like you do.

After having booked the BULLET 500 and waiting for 2 New Years to pass by, I cancelled it. The Cafe Racer was offered and boy, won't I settle for a Japanese Bike or still a "STOVE" model ROADKING if speed was my priority? RE Himalayan hasn't begged my TD yet cos I had a similar bike that measured 250CCs lesser and that rode on my IMPULSE. It was a highway rider and managed to meet more than half the KMs on its ODO just by dint of connecting various dots in NH7.

Ajith Fredjeev Dinakarlal said...

@Jean: I know the riding pleasure you get. Any day, the scooter you ride is better than most of these monsters you'd try. hahha! Old is gold indeed. Good old days, enh...